Scaffolding Young Children’s Story Writing

In this post we share about the Teaching and Learning Cycle (TLC) - a framework we use to plan lessons and units that scaffold children’s discussions about complex texts, their comprehension of the meanings in the stories, and their writing of language-rich stories.

Pam Spycher | May 21, 2019

Quality STEAM Education for All

The value of quality Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics education for all students is an equity issue, a civics issue, and an economic issue. A book edited by Pam Spycher seeks to address this need, with chapters from researchers and practitioners whose work offers promising teaching and learning approaches in STEAM subjects in preschool through college.

Pam Spycher | May 14, 2019

Scaffolding Science Learning and Science Writing with a Little TLC

For English learners the opportunity to engage in rich science learning is an issue of educational equity. However, teachers are often unsure of how to support academic science writing. The "teaching and learning cycle" can support students' language, reading, writing and science content knowledge.

Pam Spycher | September 26, 2017

Leading through learning

During a day-long institute at the CABE annual conference, I watched my colleague, Danielle Garegnani, fluidly describe multiple ways to scaffold collaborative text reconstruction — one of our keystone pedagogies — for children of all different ages, skill levels, and linguistic backgrounds.

Liz Jameyson | June 09, 2017

Children Owning Their Learning in the Early Grades

As soon as I walked into the kindergarten classroom, I could feel the buzz of little children working as harmoniously and diligently as honeybees tending their hive. They were working in pairs and small groups at several learning stations around the room...

Pam Spycher | January 25, 2017

Engaging in a Community of Practice for Educational Equity

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of co-facilitating two Leading with Learning sessions at the California Department of Education’s 2016 Title III Accountability Leadership Institute (ALI) in San Francisco. My co-facilitators included Maria Maldonado...

Pam Spycher | December 21, 2016


Welcome to our website! Here you will find key project documents, success stories, and details about our approach. Check out our intro video for an overview of Leading with Learning’s work with our two founding districts.

Pam Spycher | November 04, 2016

Voices From the Field

I am most excited about how everything that we do for kids is focused on making meaning. Those practices that are designed to require collaboration are particularly exciting to me as they also require that we foster a culture of respect for self and others and those conditions that are necessary for a risk-free learning environment. This project has provided new learning for teachers that provided opportunity for an equal playing field as we were learning together—coaches, principals, and teachers—which created a community of learners rather than a community of experts telling teachers what to do.”

– Leading with Learning Coach