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by Pam Spycher

November 04, 2016

Welcome to our website! Here you will find key project documents, success stories, and details about our approach. Check out our intro video for an overview of Leading with Learning’s work with our two founding districts.

With our new blog page we will be sharing stories from the field, providing answers to common questions about teaching and learning, and also posting alerts about white papers we have published. We’re thrilled to have this forum to share more about our work with English learners.

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Voices From the Field

I am most excited about how everything that we do for kids is focused on making meaning. Those practices that are designed to require collaboration are particularly exciting to me as they also require that we foster a culture of respect for self and others and those conditions that are necessary for a risk-free learning environment. This project has provided new learning for teachers that provided opportunity for an equal playing field as we were learning together—coaches, principals, and teachers—which created a community of learners rather than a community of experts telling teachers what to do.”

– Leading with Learning Coach